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peninsula are not actually russians at all but instead members of local self-defense groups. that came as a surprise to many people with eyes and/or ears because they sure look like russian troops firing warning shots at hundreds of ukrainian soldiers attempting to reenter an air base on crimea that the russians have seized. so far this is the only known instance of shots fired between the two groups, but there are forces such as these in the streets of crimea's regional capital patrolling with no identification. today the administration said that the u.s. cannot yet prove that these forces are russian. >> it's pretty clear that they're russian troops. >> i think it's clear, but general dempsey, what evidence do we have. we don't have any evidence as yet. i think evidence could likely become available over time. >> just as an fyi, several of those troops have told reporters that they are russian. meanwhile, nato is cutting back its ties with russia, suspending its first joint mission to escort a u.s. ship as part of efforts to disarm syria. nato says forget about any more meetings with
and that the forces in southern ukraine are not troops but merely self-defense teams. putin is not taking the action of force off the table to protect russian-speaking ukrainians. he called them brothers in arms which is puzzling when you hear warning shots over the heads of unarmed ukrainian troops. the stand off begins with one russian soldier warning that he will shoot. ukrainian responds, america is with us. another ukrainian pleads, would you shoot the soviet flag and then asks to speak to the commander so they can negotiate. the russian tells the ukrainians to back off and warns he will shoot their legs if they keep advancing. but, look, who hasn't threatened to blast off their brother's kneecaps? diana magnay is on the ground there in kiev. i wonder what you make of the warning shots that were fired today. are tensions rising there? >> reporter: well, it's a very mysterious situation here. tensions seem pretty high and then the next moment you turn around and have ukrainian and russian forces sort of having a chat and exchanging fuel to fuel the russian generators. so it is a very strange sit
assistant secretary of defense and currently senior fellow for national security affairs and the heritage foundation. thanks for being here. russia denies these surprise war games have anything to do with the unrest in ukraine. do you believe that? >> no. this is a groucho marx routine. who you going believe, me or your own eyes? they're saying this was preplanned months ago. i don't believe it. it's a show of strength, signaling to everybody this isn't over yet, and russia i think is telling people if things go bad in ukraine there could be other things coming. >> of course a big fear of the white house, the u.s., and the european unyuunion -- >> nato. >> -- that russia may send troops in. the white house issued a statement today saying we urge outside actors in the region to respect ukraine's sovereignty and territorial yal integrity and end provocative rhetoric. outside actors? whoever could they be talking snabt. >> you never know. poland. right? they're trying to be fair. they're saying we're talking to russia, to anybody else, but they're really talking to russia in diplomatic talk.
made when it comes to putin, when it comes to russia and missile defense, it has been ininterpreted as weakness. earlier garry kasparov said that as soon as obama did not follow through on the threat to use force when it came to syria, he was worried something like this might happen with putin. what do you say to critics who say that it is president obama who has projected weakness leading to a moment like this. >> first of all, i heard your interview with chairman royce and virtually everything you suggested we are doing, including working very hard at sanctions that would impose a real cost on russia, getting the international monitors in ukraine to observe what is going on and to protect people and the fact of the matter is, when it comes to sanctions, we've led the effort to put pressure on iran which has brought them to the negotiating table. the fact of the matter is, the system that weut in place to replace the one that the previous administration suggested covers more of europe more quickly than what has been in place before. we actually have a more in place as a result of t
a member of the defense policy board. and the state department foreign policy board. former congresswoman harmon, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's talk about what can only be described as the turmoil. two airports reportedly being occupied. it's unclear by whom at this point. russia is denying their involvement but the men we heard described sound by all indications to be russian military or at least affiliated with the russian military. can the u.s. believe the russians when they say it's not them? >> well, let's be -- we need to be very careful. the john kerry clip that you just showed shows that he is being very careful. no question. a third of ukraine is a russian dissent and the history was with the old soviet union and, yes, there have been russians on eastern ukraine soil for years and years and the kgb has its t tenicles out. however, that does not mean that there may be an invasion. this may be an effort to get russia to secede. putin tries to stick his finger in our eye at every opportunity. however, i think we have an opportunity to gain here. it's not just us.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5